Wannabe Audiophile – Vanatoo Transparent Zero

My biggest takeaway from the 2018 Capital Audio Fest was just how much of a spread there is between low priced high-quality speakers and the high end, crazy expensive speakers. There was one pair of speakers that really blew me away. The Vanatoo room had two pairs of speakers, the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore and the Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers. They were a real eye-opener for me. After spending most of the day listening to speakers ranging from $4000-125,000, I walked into the Vanatoo room and after listening to their offerings, I was done. I didn’t need to listen to anything else. Both speakers were fantastic, but the one that won me over and I thoroughly enjoyed the Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers. 

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Techie Stuff

These speakers have an integrated 48-watt channel bi-amp that will get you plenty of volume no matter how you are using it. (TV, Music, desktop, etc) These speakers could easily fill the void of a desktop speaker or fill a medium-size room with your favorite music. You can connect the analog or digital inputs to your music source or connect via Bluetooth. 

The speakers have a 4-inch aluminum woofer, tweeter, crossover, and 4” passive radiator. I will be honest with you, while I really really like these speakers, I don’t think I would use them for a desktop. I don’t know about you, but I don’t blast my desktop speakers. So I really don’t think I would see the real quality of these speakers as a desktop speaker. At the Audio show, they were really able to fill the room. I believe that’s how I would use them!

How Much??

At the Capital Audio Fest, there are all kinds of speakers, large and small, not so cheap and very expensive. Let me tell you, these speakers sound great for a very reasonable price. These may have been the cheapest speaker at the show at $359, and even more shocking was that they are available at Amazon! 

When I am ready to purchase my new set of speakers, these will definitely be on the top of my list.

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