A Little Bit About Me…

Random Stuff about me…

I use “…” A LOT

I’m not a professional writer.

Go Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks!

I love golf…The best wood in my bag is my pencil.

I love 80s music.

Amazon > any other store.

I like to sell stuff on eBay.

I collect autographs and ball cards.

I recently got my MBA.

I love a good stereo system, but I’m not an audiophile.

I’ll do anything for my kids… but I won’t pay for them to get on the crew team.

I believe… whatever you’re going through, someone is or has gone through it too.

Christian Fellowship is the key to life balance and faith. 

I like to learn about personal finance. seedtime.com is a good faith-based personal finance website. 

I have a man cave, but Barbie took it over.

That’s Dad Stuff

Dave Ramsey for Kids?

Dave Ramsey for Kids?

Saw a deal on Amazon for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace for Kids… It’s called Financial Peace Junior. Seriously… Financial Peace…. For KIDS.

So I ordered it…

When it arrived, the kids opened it, and they thought it was a board game..HA! WRONG!… My oldest daughter is always asking for money and recently started babysitting. I figured this may be a good idea…

I’ll let you know…

Has anyone used it for their kids?

That’s Dad Stuff

About – That’s Dad Stuff

That’s Dad Stuff

I’m a Dad of two daughters, and I’m lucky to be married to my bride for 15 years. I love 70 and 80s music and I’m a techie that’s always looking for a good deal. What is this site going to be about? It’s all about being a Dad and all the “Stuff” that goes with the job.  What “Stuff” you ask? It’s all the “stuff” that a Dad likes or has to deal with.  #thatsdadstuff. Have a look around, leave a comment! Follow us on twitter and facebook. Thatsdadstuff.com @thatsdadstuff  Facebook/thatsdadstuff

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Kids and Money – Give Save Spend


That’s Dad Stuff

Kids and Money – Give Save Spend 

My wife and I have been on and off the Dave Ramsey bandwagon for 5 years now. The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps have really changed how we manage our money. (Be on the lookout for my Dave Ramsey post in the near future!) The way you manage your money will be the financial foundation for your kids. Believe it or not, your kids are watching you and how you manage your money. Talk about the credit card? Use the credit card? Your kids will believe that credit cards are good and OK to use. Use coupons? Always looking for a bargain. Your kids will learn how to be thrifty as well.

A few years ago, I implemented savings jars for my daughters. I bought some mason jars from Amazon, cut a small opening in the lids for the coin slot, found some “girly” labels from Pinterest, and before you know it, we had our own Give Save Spend jars. 

I’ll be honest with you. This, in theory, is great, but as kids are brainwashed about money these days, my girls literally want to spend the money as soon as they get it. There are times where its really a fight to get them to save. BUT to their credit, they love giving. We have taken their give money to the Salvation Army at Christmas, the local needy Baby and Mommy support group. I’m really proud of them for love to give. But saving… it’s a struggle. They are 13 and 10 and they really love to shop and spend spend spend. While some parents really push a certain percentage goes into each category; I’m happy with whatever the money goes into the savings jar. 

I give credit where credit is due, threelittlemonkeystudios.com has a great write up on the jar concept along with the labels I used. 

How have you taught your kids about saving and giving? Any tips? 

That’s Dad Stuff

Water Heater Math and Kids


Water Heater Math

That’s Dad Stuff  @thatsdadstuff

I have a 10 and a 13-year-old. They both like showers and that’s a good thing and all, but man, they take very long showers. It never fails, after they take their shower, there isn’t enough hot water for me. Now before you say, “You need a bigger water heater”, its 55 gallons and simply put it boils down to the amount of time in the shower. 

So I gave the kids a lesson in “water heater math”. 

I took the kids down to our basement and showed them what a water heater is. Then I explained what the water heater does, and how much water is in it. Next, we talked about what uses hot water and specifically focused on the showerheads. 

To make the math easy on them, I said the showerhead gave them 5 gallons of water per min. If the water heater is 55 gallons, how long would the water heater last? With wide eyes, my oldest quickly answered 11 mins. “Wow Dad, I’m sorry, I had no idea.” Then I asked what if 2 kids are taking showers at the same time? My youngest quickly answered “Even LESS!” (I was looking for minutes, but I will take that answer.) 

My oldest said she would take shorter showers now she knows this. 

I know shower heads gallons per minute are much better than 5 gallons, and there are some water-saving showerheads at decent prices on Amazon, but I wanted to really get the point across and make the math easy. 

Try Water Heater Math with your kids if you have long shower takers… let me know if you see a difference.

That’s Dad Stuff

Easy Money


Easy Money…

That’s Dad Stuff @thatsdadstuff I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to ways to make easy money. I have heard friends say that they got a check for $50 for simply buying stuff online. My first thought was… yea right. What’s the catch? Another friend made $125. After interrogating them for a while about their get rich quick scheme, they dangled the carrot in front of me a little more. All they were doing was going to their favorite online stores, buying what they would normally buy, and they are getting a percentage back. They claim it’s just too easy. So I decided to investigate.

How are they doing this? Is it actually that easy? Do I get money right away? How much can I earn? So many questions… So let’s get to the answers.

They are using Ebates! Ebates is a company that partners with your favorite online retailers and offers cash back for purchasing something through one of their links. 

How does it work? If you go to Ebates, click on a retailer they have listed, then they refresh your browser with a unique URL. The unique URL shows a code within the URL that lets Ebates and the retailer know that you used the Ebates link to purchase the item. Then a certain percentage will be deposited into your account. Then once a quarter they take the money you have earned and send it to you via PayPal or via check. 

The best and easiest to use tool to help earn money is the Ebates browser extension. The browser extension lets you know when a site you are on has any cashback opportunities. For example. If you wanted to buy a Kindle on Amazon, the Ebates extension will let you know that you can get 4% cashback. Shopping on QVC? Once you go to QVC.com, Ebates will let you know that you can get 6%. The Ebates extension will show a little pop-up or a little bubble in the top right-hand corner, OR it will the Ebate icon on your browser will change color, letting you know that the website has a cashback offer. If you click on the icon or the bubble, your browser will refresh you will be taken to a new unique URL, buy what you need, and you will be notified by email when the cash has been deposited in your Ebates account. Sometimes you get your money within mins, or a few hours, or a couple of weeks. Most of the time, I get it within a few hours. It really is… that simple. 

In a little over 2 years, I have earned hundreds of dollars. It is really that easy. It is not a scam, it is not a get rich scheme, its not too good to be true. Try it. Use this link and get started. 

On a budget, but still buying online? Don’t worry, Dave Ramsey approves!

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