A Little Bit About Me…

Random Stuff about me…

I use “…” A LOT

I’m not a professional writer.

Go Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks!

I love golf…The best wood in my bag is my pencil.

I love 80s music.

Amazon > any other store.

I like to sell stuff on eBay.

I collect autographs and ball cards.

I recently got my MBA.

I love a good stereo system, but I’m not an audiophile.

I’ll do anything for my kids… but I won’t pay for them to get on the crew team.

I believe… whatever you’re going through, someone is or has gone through it too.

Christian Fellowship is the key to life balance and faith. 

I like to learn about personal finance. seedtime.com is a good faith-based personal finance website. 

I have a man cave, but Barbie took it over.

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Dave Ramsey for Kids?

Dave Ramsey for Kids?

Saw a deal on Amazon for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace for Kids… It’s called Financial Peace Junior. Seriously… Financial Peace…. For KIDS.

So I ordered it…

When it arrived, the kids opened it, and they thought it was a board game..HA! WRONG!… My oldest daughter is always asking for money and recently started babysitting. I figured this may be a good idea…

I’ll let you know…

Has anyone used it for their kids?

That’s Dad Stuff

Card Collecting Starts with Dad… Part 3


A kid’s card collecting starts with Dad. Continuing from my previous post… So after all the drama with the lost package, my cards finally arrived. I submitted 5 Michael Jordan cards, 2 Ryne Sandberg Rookies, 4 Derek Jeter rookies, 2 Ken Griffey Jr Rookies, and a Dennis Rodman Rookie.

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What Did I Get?

Remember from my previous post, one of the Derek Jeter cards I submitted was a 1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Rookie. A Gem Mint 10 sold for $100,000!!!

The grade I received… after all the shipping drama… after all the waiting… all the grade guessing, … after thinking about what I was going to buy when I sold my card…. my card was graded at a …


WHAT!? IT can’t be! A FREAKIN 5!!? Man, what a gut punch. I was so disappointed. Actually, to be honest, I was pretty pissed. In my opinion that card was flawless… come to find out, there were some surface scratches that ruined the grade. My other Derek Jeters graded at a 9, not bad. I’ll take those.

So what about the other grades? One Griffey Jr graded at a 9, the other at a 6.

One of my Ryne Sandberg rookies came back as an 8 and the other as a 9.

Anything Good?

My Rodman was a 9 as well. My Jordans all came back as a 9 except for one… The Fleer Ultra Nicknames “Air” Jordan Card, came back as a perfect Gem Mint 10.

As bummed as I was, I finished going through my cards and now all I could think about was, can I sell a couple of these to help offset the cost of grading. (By the way… WOW is it expensive!)

After researching eBay sold listings, I realized I could sell my Jeter SP rookie for $100, one other Jeter rookie for $30, a Griffey Rookie for $30, and one of my Jordans for $50. So with selling 4 cards, I was able to recoup most of my money. Not all of it, but most of it. I also decided NOT to sell my Jordan Gem Mint 10…

I learned a lot from this experience. Obviously, I need to be more careful when inspecting my cards before sending them off to be graded. The slightest little ding, or scratch, or the slightest bit off-center can really ruin the grade.

But guess what?! Those frustrations didn’t stop me… I did it again… the next submission should arrive this week… Wonder what grades I got… stay tuned.

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Collecting Starts with Dad Part 2

Card Collecting Starts with Dad… Part 2


Card Collecting Starts with Dad… Part 2

Continuing from my first post about card collecting … So…. fast forward twenty-some years… and here we are. I read an article about a Derek Jeter card that sold for a cool $100k. When I saw that card, my heart picked its pace up a bit… and thought to myself… I HAVE THAT CARD!.. After work, I ran to my basement, I dug out my cards and there it was… The 1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Derek Jeter Rookie. So I did some research, joined some forums and Facebook groups, why was this card worth so much?

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What I didn’t know about that card was, the card that sold was “graded.” So since the time I collected, and in order to get the best price for your card, or to drastically increase the value of your card, you now need to send your card to a 3rd party grader. The card that sold was a perfect 10, my card… not so much. I know it wouldn’t get a 10. I researched more, asked around in some FB groups, what to do, who to send it to, how much, etc. Once I got my answers, I sent it off with 14 of my best cards. I got my tracking number and I waited…

I knew to go into this grading adventure it was going to take some time, 30 days! Thirty days of impatiently, anxiously waiting. After a week, I checked my tracking number, and it said in transit. A couple more days later… in transit. It’s still in transit? It was only going to take three days. The next day the tracking said status pending. Rut Roh! I called the shipping company… IT WAS LOST. Fifteen of my best cards were lost!

I went back to the location I shipped the package from, asked them for help, they contacted their regional manager, I had 2 different people from the 1800 customer service working it from their angle. After 3 weeks, the customer service team said to consider the lost and to file a claim. I was crushed…. CRUSHED. Then my wife came up with a great idea…

In the world of social media, we went to the shipping company’s Facebook and Twitter pages and asked for help. After some basic interactions, no new information. My wife did some internet searching and came across the CEO’s email address. I instantly sent him an email documenting the whole issue. Then the unthinkable happened…

Within an hour of my email, I got a phone call from the CEOs office. Go figure, I didn’t have the phone close to me, and it went to voicemail. I was told they escalated my case and had their top tier team looking for it. By the end of the day, they found the package, and it got to its destination 2 days later.

Now the question remains… What grades did I get?

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Card Collecting Starts with Dad part 1

Card Collecting Starts with Dad.

Card Collecting with Dad

When I was little, my Dad traveled a lot for his job. In 1987, my Dad went on a work trip and came home with a box of 1987 Topps… And that folks, was the beginning. I collected baseball cards from that moment on.  Back when I was younger, (7-8yrs old’ish) I only knew the Cubs thanks to WGN. I wasn’t in Little League, never played T-Ball, I just liked watching Cubs baseball and playing catch with my Dad. Looking back, I realize, that Card Collecting Starts with Dad. 

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What Fueled the Fire?

I loved the Cubs. So did my Mom. Then we received news that we were moving… to… CHICAGO! It was around this time, my card collecting really picked up. I would ride my bike to the White Hen Pantry (basically a 7-11) just down the road from my house; this place was my go-to spot for buying cards. At .40 cents per pack, any opportunity for chores or spare pocket change from Mom or Dad went straight to the White Hen Pantry.

As I got older and started cutting grass for my neighbors, I found myself buying boxes of baseball cards and starting to trade with friends and even having Baseball Card Sales in my front yard. I still really didn’t know much about business, let alone profits or losses. All I wanted were Cubs cards, especially Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, and Mark Grace cards. Looking back, I know I made some really bad deals just so I could get a Dawson or Sandberg card that I didn’t have.

The Mistake

One gentleman came by and tried to set me straight on some deals. I remember it just like it was yesterday. For sale were several 1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr Rookies. I wanted $1 for each one. He told me, “you could ask for more ya know.” He told me about this great magazine that had prices and values. He didn’t buy the Griffey, he actually came back to my sale and brought a Beckett with him, and showed me how to look up cards.

It Grew Over Time.

For the next 10 years, my collection grew. I started collecting more than just Cubs. The Big Hurt, Griffey, Ripken Jr were some of my favorite players outside of the Cubs. Then I really got into basketball and this guy named Michael Jordan. Did my focus go from baseball to basketball cards? No, was just buying that much more. My Mom would drive me to our local card shop and he took me under his wing and taught me about card conditions, centering, corners, etc. We would do some trades, and it got to a point he would give me a discount here or there.

The End… Or was it?

Fast forward to my senior year of high school, I went to my local card shop and the owner was really excited about a new set of cards that came out and each pack was $4. Thinking to myself, “man, thats expensive!”; I begrudgingly bought it. There were only 5 cards in the pack and all I got was common cards. Now, I’m ticked. The shop owner kept asking me to buy another pack, “You can’t buy two duds in a row!” So I bought another, and yes… I got another dud. At that point, I said I was done with collecting. I literally didn’t buy any more cards …. For 20 years.

Coming soon, Part 2… Getting Back into it after 20 years.

Update: Part 2!

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honestly its true we never know what we have till it’s gone we can appreciate something but do we treat them like we love them to death.   i never knew id be this upset, yup it was a dog, i don’t care people can think i’m crazy for being this upset for being so close to a dog. but Lady you weren’t just a dog! you were one of the most amazing things ever! i will NEVER forget your first day here. coming home from school and mom telling me.. ohh there was a stray today i brought her home. once mom opened that door i sat on the floor with my arms opened and lady you came and layed down right between my legs with your head down smiling. you were and still are one of the most amazing things in my life. you taught me so much more then i think you’ll ever know.  ill never forget playing Frisbee, taking you on walks, telling you how beautiful you were how much i love you or those times when you’d just follow me around all day or come sleep in my room.  Lady you will NEVER be forgotten and ALWAYS be missed. i love you so much lady R.I.P <3

really hits home today….