Wannabe Audiophile

A little bit about me. I love music. I love music when it sounds good too. However, I’m a wanna be music audiophile without a high-end stereo. A good high-end stereo, with good speakers, can really open your eyes to what instruments are being used on a song. A good song on a standard stereo, on your echo dot, or in your factory car stereo may sound good enough, but once you hear your favorite artist or song on a high-end stereo, you will understand what I am talking about. In fact, you may actually find your self asking “I didn’t know there was an *insert instrument here* in this song. At that moment you will realize, just what you’ve been missing… But hey, what do I know, I’m a wannabe audiophile without a high-end stereo

Thats Dad Stuff

You will simply need to take my word for it; the difference between a Hi-Fi stereo system and a standard stereo is night and day. I am no way an audiophile. Being an audiophile means you have the disposable income to buy the high-end equipment. I, unfortunately, do not, but I still love listening to hi-fi systems…

Last year my Dad and I went to the Capital Audio Fest. It was here where I rekindled my love of music. The Capital Audio Fest was in a hotel in Rockville, Maryland. It was really cool and really unique. Several hotel rooms were cleared out, and each room had a different stereo system along with a couple chairs, that’s it. Just you and a stereo, in a hotel room. Really unique. Never seen anything like it.

I’m going back this year. This coming November, same hotel, same setup. This year I am hoping to see one thing in particular, but at the same time, I seriously doubt it or they will be there. Amazon recently announced a new HD lossless streaming service, Amazon Music HD. In addition to their music service, they now have the hi-fi smart speaker, the Echo Studio. Echo Link Amp, and Echo Link.

I am very curious about what Amazon’s effect will be on the hi-fi/hi-res market. Will true audiophiles give Amazon the time of day? With Amazon entering the market, will we see an influx of new Amazon high-end smart equipment? I truly believe that Amazon’s jump into the Hi-Res market will have a lasting impact. Will their streaming service prove to be too much for Tidal? So many questions!

Be on the lookout, I will post about my experience at this year’s Capital Audio Fest.

Sweetness Followed Novel


Available today on Amazon! Sweetness Followed

Sweetness Followed is not some feel-good romp but rather an exercise in the slow dramatic burn.   It’s an esoteric tale that can best be described as a hybrid of John Irving and Chuck Palahniuk.  The sweet and the sour to use a food analogy.  It is a small-town drama that looks at life with the glass as having a huge jagged dark crack in it.  Or, to shoot higher, an alternate mythology as to why the world appears so fallen.  Yikes.

This is a book you want everyone you know to read, but they have to take it on faith because you cannot tell them what it is about. This is a work that seems to be entirely character-driven without an appreciable plot. This will never be in Oprah’s book club, not because it is not worthy, but because it is too deep. Not deep in the way pseudo-academic literature pretends to be; the book is quite clear and quite obvious. But it will hit you in your soul.

I’m an Apple Guy… but…

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I have literally owned every Apple product I can think of. iPods, iPads, iMacs, MacBooks… Airport expresses, the list goes on… but my tight grasp on Apple products is starting to loosen. For Christmas one year I was given the 10″ Fire Tablet. I loved it. When the 7″ tablets went on sale, I bought two and I gave them to my daughters. My wife is a Kindle fan, she has the Paperwhite and loves it. Are the Fire line of tablets as fast as iPads… NO. But that price! You can’t beat them. The Fire Tablets with the whole Alexa thing too is pretty sweet. (Maybe another blog post topic? I like Amazon products. Are they ever going to beat Apple? No, of course not. Amazon can and will win over the good deal looking/cheapskate demographic.