Birthday Party Idea – You’re a Dad. Suck It Up!

Birthday Party Idea
Birthday Party Idea
Birthday Party Idea

Birthday Party Ideas: This weekend was my daughter’s birthday party. My wife wanted to do something different for her and was really struggling with what to do for my daughter and her friends. After what I experienced this weekend, I can truly tell you that no matter what your interests are, there is a party theme or location to host your party.

The Birthday Party Idea:

Birthday Party Idea: My wife found Kitten In Cups. It’s a Cat Cafe. You read that right. A Cat Cafe. My daughter was ecstatic. I was not! At. All. I’m allergic to cats. Deathly allergic? No, but bad enough to know, I was going to be miserable. Do I skip my kid’s party? No way, I couldn’t do that. Do I go sit in the car? Thought about it, but no. I basically said to myself, you’re a Dad. This is what Dads do. You’re a Dad… Suck it up.

That’s Dad Stuff

My Experience

A little bit about my experience. First, I doubled up on my Flonase and took a Claritin before we left. That definitely helped. I walked in and after about 15 mins I eyes were watery and itchy, blew my nose a few times… but I digress. I really didn’t know what to expect. In my mind, I was thinking the worst. I was expecting hairballs everywhere, and the smell of cat pee. To my surprise, the place was clean and didn’t smell. All in all, it wasn’t bad. We were greeted by friendly staff, and they allowed us to ordered pizzas, the kids played with cats and I watched… from a distance but not in that creepy-far-distance-watching-kind-of-way, that would be weird. 

Would I sign up to go again, no! Will my Wife? Yes… So… I’ll be going again because I’m a Dad and I need to suck it up. 


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