honestly its true we never know what we have till it’s gone we can appreciate something but do we treat them like we love them to death.   i never knew id be this upset, yup it was a dog, i don’t care people can think i’m crazy for being this upset for being so close to a dog. but Lady you weren’t just a dog! you were one of the most amazing things ever! i will NEVER forget your first day here. coming home from school and mom telling me.. ohh there was a stray today i brought her home. once mom opened that door i sat on the floor with my arms opened and lady you came and layed down right between my legs with your head down smiling. you were and still are one of the most amazing things in my life. you taught me so much more then i think you’ll ever know.  ill never forget playing Frisbee, taking you on walks, telling you how beautiful you were how much i love you or those times when you’d just follow me around all day or come sleep in my room.  Lady you will NEVER be forgotten and ALWAYS be missed. i love you so much lady R.I.P <3

really hits home today…. 


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