Our So-Called Quarantined Life

My So-Called Quarantined Life

Our So-Called Quarantined Life. Its been about a good month since I was at work. COVID-19 has really turned our lives upside down. What if I told you I was happy to be home? Please, don’t take this the wrong way, I am not happy about people dying and those that are sick. However, I am happy to be home. We have the savings, so we are blessed in that regard and that has helped with the stress. My wife is off right now as well. I honestly can’t tell you when the last time we have spent this much time together for so many days in a row. This is our So-Called Quarantined Life

Our So-Called Life: Pre-COVID

My wife is a contract manager and I am an outside salesman. I usually work early mornings so I can pick up the kids and deal with the afternoon extracurricular activities. My wife handles the morning routines. The kids are at school until 3:30 then off to dance practice. We are of course together on the weekends, but kids have playdates, activities and let’s not forget all the errands that need to be done on the weekends; Church, groceries, the typical Target trip, etc…

Our So-Called Quarantine Life: With-COVID

EVERYONE is at home. All-Day-Long. We are not used to this. No more going to dance practice. It’s now on Zoom… yes, you read that right. Our church service is on Facebook Live, and school is online and groceries are now delivered. (btw, how awesome is grocery deliveries??)  In order to keep my sanity, I’m making sure I do a project every day; using the word “project” very loosely. I want to do something every day. It could be anything from cutting grass, putting up shelves, working in the yard, painting, etc… I have to keep my mind busy or I will get on my wife’s last nerve. 

Our So-Called Quarantine Life: I have noticed….

Below is a list of things I have noticed while everyone is home during the quarantine.

  1. We eat a lot. Since we are home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our grocery bill has skyrocketed. 
  2. Trash and Recycling have increased exponentially. Our trash days are on Fridays. By the time the middle of the week hits… I’m making a trip to the dump because our trash and recycling bins can’t hold it all. 
  3. I have really good kids. The schools are doing online learning. My kids get up, know what they have to do, get it done, and know they can’t do anything else until schoolwork gets done. They are so on point with their school days, that (I won’t lie) I’ve been able to sleep in.
  4. I am addicted to my local ACE Hardware store. It’s about a mile from my house, and I’ve been going very frequently. We are not to the point of being called NORM when I walk in, (Ref: Cheers; am I showing my age?) but we are getting close. With my mask and gloves, I go on Mondays and get the supplies I will need for any “project(s)” I am going to work on for the week. 
  5. My house needs some TLC. It’s close to 30 years old, and its starting to show. During this quarantine, 
    1. I have worked in the yard, and what an improvement! 
    2. Put up some awesome shelving units in all the closets. 
    3. We demo’ed some drywall thanks to a leaking window, that’s a story for another time.
  6. I have a deeper appreciation for those on the front lines in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Teachers, and first responders. 

How have you spent your time in the Quarantine?

Are you truly quarantined? Have you been going out? What projects have you done during COVID-19?


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2 thoughts on “Our So-Called Quarantined Life

  1. Our quarantine is technically over in our city. But I’m still keeping my family home for a while until I see how this reopening plays out.

    1. I agree with you. When businesses open back up, I’m doing the same thing, keeping us home for a while longer. May even continue to wear masks aslo.

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