Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing: One of my favorite TV shows is Last Man Standing. It’s a show I can somewhat relate to. It’s a show where there are two working parents, with three daughters. (I only have two) The main character, Mike Baxter, is played by Tim Allen. The show has the same humor as Tim’s old show Home Improvement. Take it from me, Last Man Standing is hilarious. I’ve been crushing it on Hulu lately. 

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing – Outdoor Man – The Vlog

In each show, Mike Baxter updates his Vlog. The Vlogs usually have more rational or they have a more heartfelt message. One episode in particular (Polar Run) had a really good Vlog message and it really hit home with me. If you are a Dad, I’m sure you will find that the message’s meaning hits home for you as well…

The excerpt is taken from Last Man Standing Transcripts: 

“Mike Baxter here for Outdoor Man. What’s the most painful feeling in the world other than sliding off the seat of your schwinn onto that bar? Seeing your kids hurting and not being able to do anything about it. My instinct is to try to control everything, you know, preferably with a universal remote, but there’s no fast-forward button when your kid is suffering. You’ve got to watch it in real-time, like Hulu. Now we ask God to grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. Then we take his name in vain when the guy in front of us stops short at a yellow light… Come on. Everyone knows yellow means punch it! Now, accepting our powerlessness is tough, and it’s especially brutal when it comes to protecting our kids, but those are the times you have to take a deep breath, trust in God, and not do anything stupid.”

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