How can you Improve Your Golf Game

Improve your golf game
Improve your golf game

Improve your golf game: I’ve been playing golf for about 25 years. I don’t really play a lot anymore. Kids and family priorities will do that to a golfer I’m not complaining though. When I was frequently playing, there was a game I would play with my buddies. It wasn’t until recently I found out the name of the game we would play…”Pick Up Sticks”. Its a really competitive golf game.  

How Do You Play?

You each keep your own score, but the winner of a hole gets to pull a club out of his opponent’s bag. Is the driver your best club? You better believe your opponent will be hoping to win a hole so he can take that out of your golf bag. (Not really taking it out; just telling you that you can’t use that club anymore.)

Another Way To Play

Another way you can play is if you lose your driver, you lost it for the rest of the round. OR, players only can reclaim their clubs by winning holes. A good golfer could, ideally, win the first four or five holes against weaker competition. For the person that is losing, you actually get practice on using clubs that are not your best clubs, or not your favorites!

Improve Your Golf Game

Improve your golf game

Another twist is to do the opposite. If you win a hole, your opponent gets to remove a club from your bag. It’s an ideal game for two reasons. 1) It will level the playing field if you are playing someone with a much higher handicap than you. 2) If you are wanting to work on your own game, this way will help improve your weak clubs.

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