I Hate Public Speaking Part 3

I Hate Public Speaking!

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As I have said many times, I Hate Public Speaking! The question now is… Do I still hate public speaking? Well, its time for an update! So, it’s been a few months since my last post about public speaking. I have done several speaking engagements over these past 4 months or so and I will say it is getting easier. I still don’t like it though! But the anxiety is slowing going away. 

I Hate Public Speaking – Is it getting better?

It didn’t hit me until my last presentation last month. Even though I still had the usual ache in my stomach, I still felt my heart beating out of my chest, but this time, I was able to just get up and get it over with. I can’t explain it. I didn’t have this weight on me, I was just able to talk about my subject, crack a couple of jokes and go with the flow. FINALLY!

Some of the anxiety is still there. Maybe it’s sad to say this, but I have done close to 20 presentations, and I still get this way… but like I said, it’s not as bad. I know the material pretty well by now, so I have gained some confidence over time. I am also getting positive feedback after each presentation. That helps the ‘ol confidence too!

If you don’t do presentations frequently or don’t have stage fright, maybe you won’t understand. Maybe I am over the hump now? All I can say is that after 20some presentations, it’s getting easier.

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I Hate Public Speaking!
I Hate Public Speaking!

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