Clif Bar Survival Math

Clif Bar Survival.:


Clif Bars

Ok so one day in AP Environmental Science someone brought up the floating garbage island and started to wonder how many Clif Bars you would need to sustain yourself for your whole life. So being the person I am I calculated how many Clif Bars an average US male would need to survive for life (including infancy). Clif Bar Survival.

The average US male lives for 81 years. 81 years is 29,565 days. 29,565 days X 3 (meals per day) = 88,695 meals.

Average calorie intake for an adult is 2,000. There are 270 calories per a single Clif Bar (builder bar to be exact).

Take the 2,000 and divide that by 3 (meals per day) and you get 666.666 calories per meal. Roughly you would get 9 Bars a day, 3 per meal (270 X 3 =810 (yes, it’s over slightly))

Multiply 9 by the days (29,565) and you get 266,085, which is how many Clif Bars you would need to sustain you for 81 years (without adding other factors).

So, how much would that cost?

At 192 Bars per pack on Clif Bars website for $239.68 USD it would cost $332,162.93 USD for 81 years.

(Feel free to double check it (the math), knowing me I goofed somewhere)


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