An Audiophile’s Set Up

Audiofile Set up

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An Audiophile’s Set Up: Some of you who have been following me for years know that I’ve been on a mission to listen to, research, and rate every single song I own.

Currently that is 32,706 songs, all ripped losslessly from CD, hi-res DVD or Blu-Ray Audio, digitized cassettes, or needledroped vinyl.

That’s 3,011 titles (a title is any individual release, so a CD single, an album, a 6-disc boxset… each of those count as one title).

I haven’t posted about my progress in a while so thought it was time for a little update…

As of this morning I only have 214 titles left to go! I’m 93% finished!!

At an average of 2-3 titles per day, I should be done in three months, four moths tops. I started this whole project about 6 years ago. At the time my digital library was a mess. It was filled with incomplete albums, poorly tagged releases, almost everything was lossy… and I never listened to it.

Now, everything is lossless, a good portion of it hi-res, 2,367 titles are from my CDs that I ripped manually using dBpoweramp to ensure they were 100% bit perfect. (the other ~700 titles come from DVD/Blu-Ray/vinyl/cassette transfers). Everything is properly tagged. Everything includes hi-res artwork (some of which I had to rebuild in Photoshop by hand when no good scans or images existed online). And, most importantly, each and every song has been listened to in full, has complete and information-rich metadata, and is rated using a 5 star system.

I’ll update with a TON of data charts on genres, decades, artists, formats, etc etc when I’m finished. But seeing that finish line creep up on the horizon feels great. I had no idea this would be such a long journey when I started. But I’ve discovered some lost gems, I’ve gone down a dozen different rabbit holes and found a ton of new-to-me artists and albums, and now my digital music library is a thing of beauty, of pride, and just so damn fun to get lost in.

2,797 titles down. 214 to go. Yay!

An Audiophile’s Set Up

Also, I recently re-arranged my listening station, so thought I’d post a new pic of that… the thin thing in the center of the shelf is a Macbook Pro and that delivers all of my digital audio to the DAC and receiver, pulling files from my home server. The TV is connected to the Macbook so I can browse and display cover art while listening, it’s on a wall mount so it can swing out and be adjusted for better viewing.

An Audiophile's Set Up
An Audiophile’s Set Up

Now this is a nice set up! From Tumblr.

An Audiophile’s Set Up

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