About That’s Dad Stuff

That’s Dad Stuff

I’m a Dad of two daughters, and I’m lucky to be married to my bride for 15 years. I love 70 and 80s music and I’m a techie that’s always looking for a good deal. 

What is this site going to be about? It’s all about being a Dad and all the “Stuff” that Dads like and have to deal with. Some of the posts may deal with kids other posts may be about hobbies. I’m hoping to cover important topics for Dads, those important topics are what makes up “That’s Dad Stuff”.  

I am not a professional writer. I do this blog on the side, so I can’t guarantee perfection. Make sure to follow  #thatsdadstuff on Twitter. Have a look around, leave a comment! Follow us on twitter and facebook. Thatsdadstuff.com@thatsdadstuff  Facebook/thatsdadstuff

thatsdadstuff.com  @thatsdadstuff 

Now… Some Random Stuff About Me… 

I use “…” A LOT

I’m not a professional writer.

Go Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks!

I love golf…The best wood in my bag is my pencil.

I love 80s music.

Amazon > any other store. I’m slightly addicted to Amazon

I like to sell stuff on eBay.

I collect autographs and ball cards.

I recently got my MBA.

I love a good stereo system, but I’m not an audiophile.

I’ll do anything for my kids… but I won’t pay for them to get on the crew team.

I believe… whatever you’re going through, someone is or has gone through it too.

Christian Fellowship is the key to life balance and faith.

I like to learn about personal finance. seedtime.com is a good faith-based personal finance website.

I have a man cave, but Barbie took it over.

That’s Dad Stuff