A Must-Have For Crab Eaters

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A Must-Have for Crab Eaters

A Must-Have for Crab Eaters: We are nearing crab season here in Maryland and Maryland is well known for its steamed blue crabs  Our family has a couple of crab feasts a year. It seems to me that crab eaters go-to tools are a mallet, a knife, paper towels, and a cold beer. What if I told you there is a tool that makes eating crabs a lot easier?

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A Must-Have for Crab Eaters:

Let me tell you about one of the coolest products I’ve seen. 


The SHELLER is a flat multi-function stainless steel mallet, knife, and bottle opener ALL IN ONE. With the Sheller isn’t like your typical lightweight wooden mallet. The stainless steel body and head give it a nice weight to it. With the weight of the stainless steel, one hit is all you need. Clean up is a cinch too. No more hand washing several tools. Just put The SHELLER in the dishwasher and walk away. 

We have bought several of these, and every time someone uses it, they always claim how clever and practical it is. Buy one or two… or three… be prepared for crab season… I’m telling you. You will be glad you did.

For more information, check out The SHELLER’s website and Facebook Page.

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A Must-Have for Crab Eaters
A Must-Have for Crab Eaters

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