A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide

A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide
A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide

A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide: I just got back from the west coast for a week-long conference where I was hosting a booth to talk about my business. Call me weird, but I like doing these events. I meet a lot of interesting people. Its a lot of standing, a lot of shaking hands, and A LOT of talking. I walk away from the event with a lot of new contacts, hopefully, some new business, and a very sore back and feet. I didn’t take a lot of time packing, and I regret it; one thing is for sure, I didn’t pack comfortable shoes. So take a lesson from me, here is my Dads Work Trip Survival Guide.

A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide: Surviving the Plane

  1. Travel Neck Pillow

I was never a big fan of these pillows. After a very tiring week, I really wished I had this on the flight home. If you can picture it, I was the guy dozing off with his head bouncing forward, wake up, fall back to sleep and wake up again as my head bounces forward. This. Was. Me… While I did have a window seat, having some extra comfort would have been nice. Once I got off the plane, my neck was really sore from sleeping in a downward-looking position. I do plan on buying a neck pillow for my next trip, this, I promise you. 

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Now before you start complaining about the cost, let me tell you they are worth it! If you’re not a big traveler, I do have another cheaper option for you. While big-name brands are expensive, they are very nice. When the noise cancellation is on, you don’t ear the plane engine. It’s ideal for watching movies. Amazon Basics has a pretty cheap headphone that IS NOT noise canceling, but it does a good job of blocking out the crying baby as you listen to your music or watch a movie. Something you MUST consider… Airlines provide free entertainment, (movies, TV shows, etc) to listen to these, your headphones still need to have the 3.5mm headphone plug. 

  1. A Good Backpack

For Christmas several years ago, my wife got me an AmazonBasics laptop backpack. It has been on my back through an MBA and several work trips. It’s very durable and surprisingly roomy. Not only do I cram my work stuff in the backpack, but I usually load it up with some reading material, snacks, and a drink. I’m like a kid, I need something to snack on during the trip. 

A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide: Surviving the Event

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Are you a germaphobe like me? After all this hype about the Corona Virus, I stocked up on Hand Sanitizer. I had a large container of it at my table, and also a little pocket tube in my pants pocket. I was shaking a lot of hands, and simply put, I don’t want to get sick. Corona or Flu, I don’t want it. 

  1. Gum or Mints

Early mornings and late nights on a work trip, you need coffee to get you going. Avoid the coffee breath with Gum and Mints. Gum and Mints can help keep you alert as well. 

  1. Heel Cushion Inserts

This is, well, a brainstorm for me. My feet/heels and lower back were really hurting after being on my feet for 8-10 hrs a day for a week. Next convention I work, I am going to try these. I think if I had some extra cushion in my shoes, I think would feel much better. 

A Dads Work Trip Survival Guide
Convention. Many tables/booths with knowledgeable people talking about their goods or services.

This is my basic list of stuff I use when I travel for work. What do you travel with? What is your Work Trip Survival Guide? Comment below and let me know if I forgot anything!

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